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Preparing for Success While On Lockdown: The Dr. Ollie Challenge Part One

So, you’re on lockdown and worried that your job or career is suffering. Maybe you’ve been furloughed or let go. What can you do to prepare yourself for success when the lockdown is lifted? I’ve got you covered with the Dr. Ollie Challenge.

See if you can perform each of these items during the lockdown. When you do, email me at so I can post your name and congratulate you. Photos are great too.

Now, get ready to blast off!

Update and Clean Out Your Contacts

Pull out your phone and go through each contact. Eliminate ones you have no need for or will likely

never talk to again. Warning: Be careful who you delete. Think hard about it. They might be the key to a new job.

Do the same with your email contacts. Check past emails, maybe over the last two years, to see if you need to add someone to your Contacts. And take your time doing this. You’re on lockdown. You’ve got plenty of time. Don’t rush this.

Connect with Your Contacts

Now that you’ve checked and cleaned up your Contacts, start calling people. They’re on lockdown too. You both have time for a meaningful conversation. And don’t just say hi. See what they’re up to. Go in-depth. Learn something new about them. Remember, you have plenty of time. When you’re done with each conversation, add any new information into the Notes section of your Contacts. Include such items as birthdays, recent births or deaths, names and ages of children, and their current or past job. Above all, don’t forget to update their phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses. Who knows? You might be able to help them in some way. Or vice versa.

Money Tip: Check your cell phone plan with others out there. Do you need what you are paying for? Call the providers’ customer service number and see if they have any special deals. They know everyone is hurting. Let them work hard to keep your business.

Get in Physical Shape

Come on, you have the time. Get out there and walk, if you’re allowed.

You can also achieve a vigorous workout at home with any number of free personal training YouTube videos. More are added daily, because guess what? They’re out of work too.

You’ve always complained you don’t have the time or are too tired when you come home from work. Well, no more excuses. It’s time to see what you’re made of. If you can’t work out in a lockdown, you’ll never work out. Just start one and see how good you feel afterward.

Money Tip: Don’t pay for an online workout. They are all free now. Just look around.

Go Through Your Wardrobe

You should pull every sock, pair of underwear, slacks, blouse, and shirt out of your closet and drawers and lay them on your bed. See what you don’t need, then pay it forward by donating it. Try older clothes on. If they don’t fit, see the Get in Physical Shape tab above.

Check out your hangers. Do you have enough? If you’re getting rid of clothes, you should.

Organize your clothes so you can find them. If you do this, you’ll discover outfits you forgot you had. It’s like buying new clothes without spending money.

And don’t forget your shoes. Study the heels and soles to see if they need to be repaired. Put some polish on them if needed.

Remember, your clothing is your armor. Make sure it’s ready to go when the lockdown is lifted.

Money tip: Check each pocket for money. If you find some cash, keep it. If you find some gold coins, mail them to me. (Just kidding…mostly.)

Clean Out Your Desk

If you have a desk at home, pull everything out and reorganize. For example, put all your pens in one container. Grab another container for all those miscellaneous items.

You can buy cheap containers online to help you do this. Don’t be afraid to spend a few dollars to get organized.

While you’re at your desk, clean out your files. If you don’t have a filing system, set one up. Also, take an old box and collect stuff to shred. By doing all this, you’ll be ready to work efficiently when we’re given the green light. Plus, it will keep your mind clear.

Money Tip: Look for spare change hiding in the nooks and crannies. It may help you pay for some containers. And look for containers around the house. You can cut small cardboard boxes down to fit in a desk. Or use small glass jars when you are done with them. A jar of jelly makes a nice upright pen holder. Also, look for free shredding days so you don’t have to pay.

Clean Up the House

Now that you’ve cleaned out your desk, clean up your house or apartment. Take the time to pull everything out of every drawer and see if you need it. If not, donate or sell it.

Vacuum and clean the air conditioning vents. Change the air filters. Clean the baseboards. Clean behind the toilet. We’re talking the white-glove treatment. Remember, you have the time.

After making your place spotless, you’ll be exhausted. At night, when you lay your head down on a clean pillow in a clean house, four words will be on your lips: Thank You, Dr. Ollie.

Money Tip: Look for cleaning supplies you didn’t know you have and use them. Stop buying things you already have. And that goes for food items too. Eat up items you forgot you had.

Clean Out Your Car

Since you’re on a cleaning roll, don’t forget your best friend: your car. Marlene (your car’s name) has been good to you. It’s time to be good to Marlene. Go through the glove compartment and console. Clean and organize everything. Make sure you have an up-to-date proof of insurance.

Hit Marlene’s trunk too. Remove any unnecessary items. And don’t forget to vacuum and Windex everywhere. Use q-tips to clean the air vents.

Money Tip: You will definitely find spare change under the seat and in your console. Since you are checking your insurance card, call them up and see if you have the best deal. Shop around. There are lots of good deals out there.

See if you can accomplish all these items. Stay tuned for Part Two to supercharge yourself for success when the lockdown is lifted!

DR. OLLIE has his own production company specializing in film productions, conferences, and special events. He also brings in television stars and celebrities to enlighten and inspire people. Dr. Ollie is dedicated to making you a success. He can be reached through His website is

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