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Preparing for Success: The Dr. Ollie Challenge Part Two

My challenge is all about tuning up your life to strengthen your foundation. Success is always built on a solid foundation; just like a building that's created to last! See if you can perform each of these items. When you do, email me at I want to post your name and congratulate you. Photos are great too.

I can hear the countdown. Are you ready to blast off?

Repair Things

Since you’ve made it this far, that means you’ve completed Part One of my challenge (see my previous post.) You’ve cleaned out everything and have an organized life. There’s no doubt you found a few items that need repair. Now is the time to fix them. Of course, if you don’t need the item, get rid of it. But assuming you do, sit down and see if you can make the repair. For me, my glasses were loose and missing a screw. I found a local eyeglass store that was kind enough to repair them. I autographed a book for the man and we were even. Look around at your friends. If you can’t repair the item, can they help you?

Money Tip: There are inexpensive repair kits online for a variety of products. See if you can buy one and fix the item yourself. It’s better than buying the item new.

Take Stock of Your Career

This will take a bit of thinking. Select a quiet place where you can be left alone. Take your laptop or legal pad and write down what you like and don’t like about your career. Are you happy where you are now? What would you like to be doing? What are you good at? Are you advancing in your career? Do you see room to advance?

Yes, many of us are just happy to have a job right now. But the top ten percent are always in demand. They have options. Talk to your friends and contacts about your career. See if they have any advice for you. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your career, start learning new skills online. Add to your resume. When the time comes to look for a job, you will have even more tools in your toolkit.

Money Tip: Go to YouTube and type in a skill you want to learn. Everything is there, such as How to Use PowerPoint. Or How to Repair an Air Conditioning Unit. It’s crazy. The world of knowledge is at your fingertips.

Take Stock of Your Life

This is as important as taking stock of your career. Are you happy with your relationships? Why not? Are you happy with your financial status? What can you do about that? Spiritually, are you satisfied? When I need a boost, I go to to receive some food for my soul.

Write down everything you are happy with and everything you are not. I know this sounds extremely simple, but see how you can eliminate the bad things and spend more time with the good. Again, this will take quiet solitude and space. Find it and you won’t be sorry.

Money Tip: Are you struggling with any kind of addiction? Many local and state programs are free or have a minimal cost. Check those out first before you spend much-needed money.

Write Letters of Forgiveness

We have all hurt people. I know I have. This leaves us with two choices: let them continue hurting or send them a letter asking for forgiveness. It is freeing to your soul when you ask for forgiveness. And it is a blessing to the person you ask.

If you have been hurt by others, you can write a thoughtful letter explaining what they did to you and that you forgive them. This doesn’t mean you let people who have physically hurt you back into your life. But it does release you from the bitterness you may be holding inside.

Learn New Skills

I mentioned this above, but it’s too important to not mention it again. In today’s world, you must continually learn new skills. I know I do. I didn’t know much about film production until I dove right in. Then, I learned about casting and lighting. Sure, I could have paid others to do it (and I have), but knowing how to do the job makes me more valuable. And I can pick the right experts when I need them.

Do not let this lockdown pass without learning at least one new skill. Please!

Make a List of Companies Where You Want to Apply

If you are out of a job or think you may lose yours, start looking now! Decide on the industry and dive right in. Apply to everything. And keep meticulous track of where you send in your application. You must be able to see the ad and your application when they call you back. Otherwise, you will sound ignorant as you fumble to understand what job you applied for.

Money Tip: Look for companies in your industry that aren’t hiring. Many times, you can make contact within the company and send a letter to see if they have a job that has not been posted. Plus, you can see any job they post first by constant checking. That way, you will be first and get your resume in.

Listen to Podcasts

This is a fantastic way to gather information. And you can combine it with working out or simply walking. Every subject under the sun is covered by podcasts. Looking for a job? They have those. Need to gain control of your finances? Yep, they have those. Just search the Podcast icon on your smartphone for any subject and it shall be yours.

See if you can accomplish all these items. If so, let me know how it’s changed your life. I’d love to post your success story.

DR. OLLIE has his own production company specializing in film productions, conferences, and special events. He also brings in television stars and celebrities to enlighten and inspire people. Dr. Ollie is dedicated to making you a success. He can be reached through His website is

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